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Omni Tract Urologic Oncology Retracting System

Omni Tract Urologic Oncology Retracting System

Set consists of:

  • 2x Elite III Rail Clamp with 2 Cam Joint 18"
  • 6x Cam II Clip-On Quick Angle 8"
  • 1x Crossbar with 2 Cam III Joints 24"
  • 2x Micro-Adjustable II Clip-on Quick Angle 10"
  • 1x Lower Abdominal Bar 20"
  • 1x Bilateral Crossbar Hinged 34"
  • 2x 45° Angled Arm 18"
  • 2x T Handle
  • 2x 45° Angled Arm 24"
  • 2x Cam III Joint Serrated
  • 1x Harris Prostate Retractor 8.0mm
  • 2x Malleable Slotted Blade 51x203mm
  • 2x Concave Renal (Round Neck) 25x191mm
  • 2x Kelly Blade 76x89mm
  • 1x Fence Blade 102x152mm
  • 1x "Y" Bladder 81x216mm
  • 2x Malleable Blade 13x152mm
  • 2x Malleable Blade 10x203mm
  • 2x Malleable Blade 25x203mm
  • 1x Malleable Blade 51x203mm
  • 1x Malleable Blade 38x203mm
  • 2x Malleable Blade 64x254mm
  • 2x Malleable Blade 102x254mm
  • 2x Balfour Blade (Small Lip) 70x73mm
  • 2x Balfour Blade (Small Lip) 83x73mm
  • 2x Balfour Blade (with Lip) 83x73mm
  • 2x Balfour Blade (with Lip) 51x54mm
  • 2x Richardson Blade 51x178mm
  • 1x Harrington Blade 64x152mm
  • 2x Deaver Blade 51x127mm
  • 1x St. Marks Blade (with Lip) 64x178mm
  • 2x Malleable Finger Blade 152mm
  • 1x Murphy Blade 4 in-line Blunt Prongs 25x13mm
  • 1x Balfour Wide Blade (without Lip) 100x61mm
  • 2x Double Angled Blade 13x76mm
  • 2x Double Angled Blade 25x76mm
  • 1x Double Angled Bulb Blade 25x64mm

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