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Suggested Surgery Sets

Suggested Surgery Sets
Collis Spinal Retractor Complete SetPremium Operating Room Grade QualityNon-SterilizedSurgical Grade Stainless SteelA complete set consists of:NL9130-001 Hemilaminectomy Blade; 1” (2.5 cm) L x 1/2" (1.2 cm) WNL9130-002 Hemilaminectomy Blade; 1 3/8” (3.5 cm) L x 1/2" (1.2 cm) WNL9130-003&nb..
Collis-Taylor Modified RetractorPremium Operating Room Grade QualityNon-SterilizedSurgical Grade Stainless SteelSet with CaseA complete set consists of (V.Mueller NL9402)Collis-Taylor Modified Retractor W 3.1cm x D 3.8cm BladeCollis-Taylor Modified Retractor W 3.1cm x D 5.0cm BladeCollis-Taylor Modi..
Omni Tract Retractor SetFlexible, easy-to-use, and strong, the Omni Tract Retractor Systems provide unparalleled surgical exposure for most surgical specialties. The Omni Tract line also presents a budget-sensitive solution since one system is designed to serve a variety of surgical specialties. Unl..
Turner Warwick Self Retaining Retractor SetComplete Set Contains 19pcsPremium Operating Room Grade QualityNon-SterilizedSurgical Grade Stainless SteelA complete set consists of:1x 180mm Small Round Ring1x 270mm Medium Round Ring1x 305mm Large Round Handle2x 13mm Hooks2x 16mm x 19mm Blades2x 102mm x ..
  Yasargil Leyla Retractor SetThe Yasargil (Leyla) Brain Retractor is a self-retaining device that is used to optimize the operator's view in neurosurgery procedures, like middle fossa surgery. It can maintain even pressure on brain tissues while decreasing the risk of inadvertent injury t..
Fess Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Instruments SetComplete Set Contains 36 PiecesNon-Sterilized and Latex FreePremium Grade OR QualityHigh-Quality MaterialComplete Set Consists of:AA-3802-4908 - 1x Frazier Suction Tube 08FRAA-3802-4910 - 1x Frazier Suction Tube 10FRAA-3802-4912 - 1x Frazie..
Gastrointestinal SetGrade: Premium OR GradeSterilized: NoneComplete Set Consist of:AA-1301-1902 - Rochester-Pean Hemostatic Artery Forceps/ L-16.5cm/ Straight Serrated JawsAA-1301-1908 - Rochester-Pean Hemostatic Artery Forceps/ L-30.5cm/ Straight Serrated JawsAA-1316-0914 - Babcock Tissue Hold..
Mayfield Skull Clamp Cranial SystemThis operating skull clamp is an ideal tool for Neurosurgery, Spinal, ENT, or Eye surgery.The patient could be fixed in prone, supine, lateral, and sitting positions according to surgery requirements.Gel pad headrest(also have silica or gel head-resting for ch..
Millard-Dingman Mouth Gag SetComplete Set Consists of:1x Millard-Dingman Mouth Gag Frame1x #1 25x55mm Tongue Depressor Blade1x #2 27x60mm Tongue Depressor Blade1x #3 30x70mmTongue Depressor Blade..
 Rhinoplasty Walter SetAdvanced rhinoplasty instruments Including a selected choice of high-quality instruments, this set is state-of-the-art for rhinoplasty procedures. These precision instruments are gold-plated and have been carefully designed to supplement the standard instrument set.1Scalp..
 Spinal Surgery Set-AComplete Set Consist of:AA-3102-0817 - 1 x Simon Bone CuretteAA-3102-1511 - 1 x Daubenspeck Bone CuretteAA-0202-3221 - 1 x Toennis Adson ScissorAA-0201-031C - 1 x Operating Scissor Standard ProfileAA-0907-0116 - 1 x Standard Tissue Forceps 1x2 TeehA..
 Spinal Surgery Set-BThis Set Already Available with 10% DiscountComplete Set Consist of:AA-4503-2320 - 1 x Harvey Jackson Laminectomy RetractorAA-2703-2012 - 1 x ECHLIN (Stile-Luer) Bone Rongeur2412-2040-21 -  1 x Kerrison Laminectomy Punch 1.0mm Bite2412-2040-25 -  1 x&nbs..
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