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Spinal Surgery Instruments Set - A

 Spinal Surgery Set-A

Complete Set Consist of:

  • AA-3102-0817 - 1 x Simon Bone Curette
  • AA-3102-1511 - 1 x Daubenspeck Bone Curette
  • AA-0202-3221 - 1 x Toennis Adson Scissor
  • AA-0201-031C - 1 x Operating Scissor Standard Profile
  • AA-0907-0116 - 1 x Standard Tissue Forceps 1x2 Teeh
  • AA-0907-0215 - 1 x Standard Tissue Forceps 2x3 Teeth
  • AA-3907-0303 - 1 x Bard-Parker Scalpel Handle No. 3
  • AA-3907-0601 - 1x Scalpel Handle No. 3L
  • AA-3012-0111 - 1 x Toennis Dural Dissector
  • AA-4533-1912 - 1 x Caspar Bayonet Nerve Root Retractor
  • AA-2113-1614 - 1 x Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder
  • AA-1103-0911 - 1 x Gruenwald Nasal Bayonet Forceps
  • AA-2902-0612 - 1 x Caspar Exploration Hook
  • AA-1314-0812 - 1 x Gross-Maier Dressing Forceps
  • AA-3802-1111 - 1 x Ferguson Suction Tube FG-5
  • AA-3802-1115 - 1 x Ferguson Suction Tube FG-12
  • 2301-0716-13 - 1 x Caspar IVD Rongeur Straight Jaws
  • 2301-0716-23 - 1 x Caspar IVD Rongeur Curved Upward Jaws
  • AA-2109-2414 - 1 x Hegar Needle Holder

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