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Rhinoplasty Walter Set

 Rhinoplasty Walter Set

Advanced rhinoplasty instruments Including a selected choice of high-quality instruments, this set is state-of-the-art for rhinoplasty procedures. These precision instruments are gold-plated and have been carefully designed to supplement the standard instrument set.

1Scalpel Handle #7k1 Piece
2Operating Scissors 14.5cm Curved – Sharp/Blunt1 Piece
3Ragnell Kilner Scissors 15cm Curved – Flattened At Distal End1 Piece
4Fox T.C. Gum And Tissue Scissors 13cm Curved 1 Serrated Blade1 Piece
5Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps 12cm 7×7 Teeth Straight1 Piece
6Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps 12cm 9×9 Teeth Straight1 Piece
7Semken Delicate Tissue Forceps 12.5cm 2×3 Teeth Straight1 Piece
8DeBakey Vascular Forceps 15cm – 1.5mm Tips1 Piece
9Bayonet Grasping Forceps 16cm1 Piece
10Bayonet Grasping Forceps 16cm 1×1 Teeth1 Piece
11Troeltsch Wilde Angular Forceps 13cm Adult Size – Serrated1 Piece
12Grooved Director And Tongue Tie 11.5cm1 Piece
13Frazier Fergusson Suction Tube 18cm Angled 10 French1 Piece
14Senning T.C. Needle Holder 17cm Serrated1 Piece
15Halsted Micro Mosquito Forceps 12.5cm Curved1 Piece
16Backhaus Towel Clamp 8.5cm1 Piece
17Gross Dressing Forceps 20cm Straight1 Piece
18Walter Cope Retractor 17.5cm1 Piece
19Joseph Skin Hook 16cm Single Prong Sharp1 Piece
20Guthrie Double Retractor Hook 13cm 2mm Wide Sharp1 Piece
21Lempert Raspatory 17cm 4mm Delicate Sharp1 Piece
22Walter Dorsal Supercut Scissors 14cm Angular1 Piece
23Walter Cottle Dorsal Supercut Scissors 16cm Curved1 Piece
24Medicon Mallet 18.5cm Plastic Facings 200 Grams 25mm Diameter1 Piece
25Walter Williger Bone Curette 13.5cm 2/2mm Double Ended Sharp Angled1 Piece
26Defourmentel Bone Rongeur 19cm Straight Slender Beaks – Jaws 3mm Wide1 Piece
27Weil Blakesley Wilde Ethmoid Bone Forceps #3 120mm Shaft 4.2mm1 Piece
28Weil Blakesley Wilde Ethmoid Bone Forceps #2 45 Degree Angle 120mm Shaft 3.6mm1 Piece
29Myles Nasal Through Cutting Forceps #4 120mm Shaft1 Piece
30Cottle Nasal Septum Speculum 14cm 50mm1 Piece
31Cottle Elevator 16cm 2.5mm1 Piece
32Masing Septum Elevator 22cm 5/5mm Double Ended1 Piece
33Aufricht Walter Nasal Retractor 13.5cm Double Ended Sharp 42x7mm1 Piece
34Aufricht Walter Nasal Retractor 13.5cm Double Ended Blunt 38x7mm1 Piece
35Walter Chisel/Osteotome 19cm 3mm Modified1 Piece
36Walter Chisel/Osteotome 19cm 5mm Modified1 Piece
37Walter Osteotome 19cm 2mm Straight1 Piece
38Walter Osteotome 19cm 12mm Straight1 Piece
39Walter Chisel/Osteotome 19cm 12mm Modified1 Piece
40Walter Osteotome 19cm 6mm Curved1 Piece
41Walter Cantanares Lifting Scissors 16cm Curved1 Piece
42Fomon Rhinoplasty Scissors 12.5cm1 Piece
43Cottle Columella Forceps 11cm1 Piece
44Fomon Bone And Nasal Rasp 20cm1 Piece
45Asch Septum Straightening Forceps 22cm Angled1 Piece
46Brunings Tongue Depressor 19cm 14mm1 Piece

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