Daubenspeck Bone Curette

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  • AA-3102-1511 - Daubenspeck Bone Curette/ L-20cm/ Cup 00 (2.8mm) Finger Rest Handle
  • AA-3102-1512 - Daubenspeck Bone Curette/ L-20cm/ Cup 0 (3.6mm) Finger Rest Handle
  • AA-3102-1513 - Daubenspeck Bone Curette/ L-20cm/ Cup 1 (4.4mm) Finger Rest Handle
  • AA-3102-1514 - Daubenspeck Bone Curette/ L-20cm/ Cup 2 (5.2mm) Finger Rest Handle
*L: Length

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Daubenspeck Bone Curette

  • Length: 20cm 8"
  • Curvature: Straight Shanks
  • Cup Specification: Oval Shape
  • Handle Type: Hand Held-Handle
  • Grade: Premium OR Grade
  • Usage: Re-Usable

Daubenspeck Bone Curette Oval is used by orthopedic surgeons to scoop out tissue or material from small, tight areas. It is also used to remove tissue debris or soft tissue entrapped between fracture edges in order to promote maximum healing after bone reduction and fixation. Daubenspeck Bone Curette Oval has a handle with longitudinal serrations to provide a firm hand grip. The hand extends to a long shaft that ends with an angled small oval scoop.

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