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Omni Tract Retractor SetFlexible, easy-to-use, and strong, the Omni Tract Retractor Systems provide unparalleled surgical exposure for most surgical specialties. The Omni Tract line also presents a budget-sensitive solution since one system is designed to serve a variety of surgical specialties. Unl..
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Transbuccal Device with Trocar & Cheek Retractor for Drilling & ScrewingCheek Retractor x1Hollow Handle x1Drill Guide x3Trocar x1Transbuccal instrumentation extends the versatility of transoral approaches. In addition to the transoral exposure, the soft tissues overlying the posterior divisi..
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  Yasargil Leyla Retractor SetThe Yasargil (Leyla) Brain Retractor is a self-retaining device that is used to optimize the operator's view in neurosurgery procedures, like middle fossa surgery. It can maintain even pressure on brain tissues while decreasing the risk of inadvertent injury t..
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