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A.V. Fistula Surgical Instrument Set



 A.V. Fistula Surgical Instrument SetThis Set is Already -10% DiscountedComplete Set Consist of 68 Pieces with Following items:AA-3907-1201 - 1 x Scalpel Handle #7AA-0402-0412 - 1 x Mayo Dissecting Scissor L-17cm Straight TC Insert EdgeAA-0402-1221 - 1 x Metzenbaum Lahey Dis..

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Bookwalter Abdominal Retractor System



Bookwalter Abdominal Retractor System - Complete Set Premium OR Quality    1 Year GuaranteeThe most comprehensively designed table-mounted surgical retractor system available.Manufactured in Pakistan Premium Grade Stainless Steel.Designed so all new and improved components are ba..

Cesarean Section Surgical Instrument Set - B



Cesarean Section Surgical Instrument Set - BIncluded Instruments in Set:1 piece - Operating Scissor4 pieces - Foerster Spongs Forceps1 piece - Heaney Needle Holder1 piece - Dressing Forceps1 piece - Allis Tissue Forceps6 pieces - Tissue Forceps1 piece - Rochester-pean Forceps1 piece - DeLee Retracto..

Cesarean Section Surgical Instrument Set – A



Cesarean Section Surgical Instrument Set – AIncluded Instruments in Set:1 piece - Masoon Needle Holder1 piece - Heaney Needle Holder1 piece - Foerster Spongs Forceps2 pieces - Phaneuf Uterine Artery Forceps1 piece - Mayo Dissecting Scissor Straight1 piece - Mayo Dissecting Scissor Curved1 Piece..

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Face and Forehead Lift Set



Face and Forehead Lift SetMicro Adson Dissecting 12cm Forceps, 1x2 Teeth, 0.8mm Jaws1 PieceMicro Brown Dissecting 12cm Forceps Atraumatic 7x7 Teeth1 PieceWaugh Dissecting 20cm Forceps 1x2 Teeth with Serrated Platform1 PieceNagata 12.5cm Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide Fine Jaws1 PieceCrile Wood 15cm ..

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Gastrointestinal Set



Gastrointestinal SetGrade: Premium OR GradeSterilized: NoneComplete Set Consist of:AA-1301-1902 - Rochester-Pean Hemostatic Artery Forceps/ L-16.5cm/ Straight Serrated JawsAA-1301-1908 - Rochester-Pean Hemostatic Artery Forceps/ L-30.5cm/ Straight Serrated JawsAA-1316-0914 - Babcock Tissue Hold..

Omni Tract Retractor Set



Omni Tract Retractor Set Premium OR Quality    1 Year GuaranteeFlexible, easy-to-use and strong, the Omni Tract Retractor Systems provide unparalleled surgical exposure for most surgical specialties. The Omni Tract line also presents a budget-sensitive solution since one system i..

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Rhinoplasty Walter Set



 Rhinoplasty Walter SetAdvanced rhinoplasty instruments Including a selected choice of high-quality instruments, this set is state-of-the-art for rhinoplasty procedures. These precision instruments are gold-plated and have been carefully designed to supplement the standard instrument set.1Scalp..

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Spinal Surgery Instruments Set - A



 Spinal Surgery Set-AComplete Set Consist of:AA-3102-0817 - 1 x Simon Bone CuretteAA-3102-1511 - 1 x Daubenspeck Bone CuretteAA-0202-3221 - 1 x Toennis Adson ScissorAA-0201-031C - 1 x Operating Scissor Standard ProfileAA-0907-0116 - 1 x Standard Tissue Forceps 1x2 TeehA..

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