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Rib Shears

Stille Rib ShearAvailable Length: 20.3cm 8"Curvature: Straight ShanksBlades Curvature: StraightBlade Configuration: One Flat BladeHandle Type: Hand Squeeze HandleGrade: Premium OR GradeUsage: Re-UsableSterilized: None..
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Tudor-Edwards Rib ShearOverall Length: 25.5cm 10"Curvature: Straight ShanksBlade Shape: Sharp Edge Angled BladesHandle: Double Action Handle with SpringGrade: Premium OR GradeUsage: Re-UsableSterilized: NoneLatex-Free..
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Vehmehren (Tudor Edwards) CostotomeOverall Length: 25.5cm 10"Curvature: Straight ShanksHandle: Double Action HandleGrade: Premium OR GradeUsage: Re-UsableSterilized: NoneLatex-Free..
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