Atraumatic Clamps

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Allis Atrauma Tissue Forceps



Allis Atrauma Tissue ForcepsLength: 15.5cm 6" - 20cm 8" - 24.5cm 9 3/4" - 30cm 11 3/4"Curvature: Straight ShanksJaws Curvature: StraightJaws Configuration: Atraumatic JawsHandle Type: Finger Ring Handle with Ratchet CatchGrade: Premium OR GradeAllis Intestinal and Tissue Gra..

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Nussbaum Intestinal Clamp Forceps



Nussbaum Intestinal Clamp ForcepsLength: 25cm - 9 3/4"Curvature: straightJaws Curvature: Straight/ CurvedJaws Configuration: Longitudinal SerrationJaws Specification: Probe at One EndHandle Type: Finger Rings HandleGrade: Premium OR GradeThe Nussbuam intestinal clamp is a sp..

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