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Baby-Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissor 11.5cm (Standar...



Baby-Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissor (Standard Blades)Length: 11.5cm/ 4 1/2"Curvature: StraightBlades Configuration: Blunt Pointed EndsBlades Angulation: Curved, StraightBlades Specification: StandardHandle Type: Finger RingsGrade: Premium OR GradeMetzenbaum scissors are most commonly used for dissect..

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Biemer Vein Scissor Notched Blade



Biemer Vein Scissor Notched BladesLength: 13cm/ 5"Curvature: StraightBlade Curvature: StraightBlade Specification: Notched BladeHandle: Spring Hand-Held HandleGrade: Premium OR GradeBiemer Vein Scissor is a type of surgical scissors used in ophthalmic surgeries. It features a double-s..

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Caplan Nasal Septum Scissor



Caplan Nasal Septum Scissor Length: 20cm/ 8"Curvature: Knee-BentBlades Configuration: Flat Blunt PointedBlades Angulation: StraightBlades Specification: Standard Serrated BladesHandle Type: Handle GripGrade: Premium OR GradeCaplan Septum Scissor is a surgical instr..

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Cottle Dorsal Angular Scissor



Cottle Dorsal Angular ScissorLength: 13cm/ 5" - 16cm/ 7 1/4"Curvature: Knee-BantBlades Configuration: Blunt PointedBlades Angulation: StraightBlades Specification: Standard, Supercut, Tungsten Carbide Insert BladeHandle Type: Finger Rings HandleGrade: Premium OR GradeCo..

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Cottle Massing Plastic Surgery Scissor



Cottle Massing Plastic Surgery ScissorLength: 10.5cm/ 4 1/8"Curvature: StraightBlades Configuration: Sharp PointedBlades Angulation: Curved, StraightBlades Specification: Standard Cutting BladesHandle Type: Finger Rings HandleGrade: Premium OR Grade..

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Dean Tonsil Scissor



Dean Tonsil ScissorLength: 17.5m/ 7"Curvature: S ShapeBlades Configuration: Sharp PointedBlades Angulation: Upward BladesBlades Specification: Standard Cutting EdgeHandle Type: Finger Rings HandleGrade: Premium OR GradeDean Tonsil Scissor is a surgical instrument freque..

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Fomon Nasal Scissor



Fomon Nasal ScissorLength: 14cm / 5 1/2"Curvature: StraightBlades Configuration: Blunt PointedBlades Angulation: CurvedBlades Specification: Standard Cutting Edge BladesHandle Type: Finger Rings HandleGrade: Premium OR GradeFomon Nasal Scissor Curved is used to man..

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Giunta Rhinoplasty Scissor SuperCut



Giunta Rhinoplasty Scissor SuperCutLength: 13.5cm/ 51/4"Curvature: S ShapedBlades Configuration: Sharp PointedBlades Angulation: AngledBlades Specification: SuperCut BaldeHandle Type: Finger Rings HandleGrade: Premium OR Grade..

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Goldman Fox Gum Scissor Supercut Blades



Goldman Fox Gum Scissor Supercut BladesLength: 13cm/ 5"Curvature: StraightBlades Configuration: Sharp PointedBlades Angulation: Curved, StraightBlades Specification: Supercut BladesHandle Type: Finger Rings HandleGrade: Premium OR GradeGoldman-Fox Gum Scissor Straight i..

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